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Your audiologist, for YOU!

An independent audiologist in Estrie, Tina Saulnier holds a Doctorate in clinical audiology. An appointment with her will allow you to evaluate your hearing and potentially obtain your recommendations for hearing aids or assistive listening devices so that you can consult the audioprosthesist your choice.

Tina Saulnier Au.D., Doctor of Audiology

Since obtaining her Master's degree in 2001 (University of Ottawa), Tina Saulnier has been practicing audiology in the private sector. Over the next few years, she completed her Doctorate of Audiology (Central Michigan University - 2009), and owned audiology clinics (hearing assessments, sales and fittings of hearing aids) in New- Brunswick until 2015 while also working for an assistive listening devices distributor in Sherbrooke.  Ms. Saulnier is currently teaching at the Cégep de La Pocatière in the Audioprosthesis program. Originally from New Brunswick and established in this beautiful region for over 10 years, she is a member in good standing with «Ordre des Orthophonistes et Audiologistes du Québec» and Speech-Language & Audiology Canada. Her bilingual services are recognized by the CNESST and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC).

«I love my career, which allows me to create a sincere and trusting bond with my patients. Trying to improve your quality of life and allowing you to reconnect with your preferred daily activities is a privilege. Together, and in collaboration with other health professionals, your hearing is my priority. I'm here for you
                                                        - Tina Saulnier Au.D., audiologist

Our Services

ADULT Hearing evaluation

The hearing evaluation (tonal and vocal audiometry) is conducted in a soundproof cabin (sound detection and assessment of speech comprehension). Your results and recommendations will then be discussed with you. Upon request, your report will be forwarded to the heatlh care professional/family physician of your choice at no additional cost.

A referral or request from your family doctor is NOT necessary and the audiological assessment costs may be covered by your private insurance.


Evaluation in CHILDREN (aged 4+)

No waiting list! Your child, from pre-kindergarten, must be able to understand simple instructions. Depending on the age and maturity of the child, the evaluation is conducted through simple games.

A referral from your family doctor or pediatrician is NOT necessary and the evaluation costs may be covered by your private insurance.

If necessary, a referral can then be sent to speech-language pathology or any other health professional who can contribute in your child's development.

Audiological EXPERTISE & forms

The appointment includes a complete audiological evaluation & the completion of reports (CNESST, RCMP, Airforce, SAAQ etc).

Applies especially to workers or any other person requiring a report for his employer, a third party program (for example, the CNESST) or an educational establishment requiring a confirmation of your hearing status.

Workplace noise exposure (CNESST )

The appointment includes a complete audiological assessment. The audiologist will then help you apply for your Veterans Affair's recognition (DVA) or help you with your workplace noise exposure claim with the CNESST.


Veterans Affairs (DVA)

The appointment includes a complete audiological assessment. The audiologist will then help you apply for your Veterans Affairs' recognition (DVA), collect your noise exposure history and complete your claim related to your hearing difficulties and/or tinnitus.

TINNITUS evaluation

Are your ears buzzing? Ringing? An audiological evaluation will allow us to better target the problem in order to determine the best alternative or recommendation to establish a proper rehabilitation/habituation plan.

HYPERACUSIS evaluation

Do loud sounds bother you? Are they painful? An assessment will target the probable causes of your hyperacusis and assess its effects on your daily life to establish a treatment plan personalized to your situation.


SCREENING in «CPE», daycare & kindergarten

We invite you to organize a hearing screening day for your toddlers aged 4 and up.

This screening will identify certain problems that may affect the child's imminent «first day» in elementary school. Although often temporary (ex: ear infections or earwax), some hearing problems can hinder academic progress. Screening is your first step in establishing the need for a complete hearing evaluation with the audiologistand if needed, to initiate the process towards speech-language pathology or any other healthcare referral. 

The screening results will always be forwarded to the child's parents.

Why consult your audiologist?

1. Are you having trouble over the phone? Is your television still too loud? Are you unable to communicate in the car?

2. Are you experiencing occasional dizziness?

3. Are you have difficulty hearing and/or understanding in a group, crowd or any other noisy environments?

4. Is your child showing signs that make you suspect that he/she is having certain hearing difficulties?

5. Your work experience is related to loud noise exposure and you would like to evaluate the effect of noise on your hearing?

6. Are you eligible to renew your hearing aids?

7. Are your ears buzzing or ringing (tinnitus) constantly and you would like to know if there are solutions to relieve them?

8. Do you need a pre-employment assessment, a certificate for school or related to your work (RCMP, Air Force, SAAQ etc)?

 If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions,

do not hesitate to contact your audiologist (819) 943-0755

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